Kibale Forest National Park

A chimpanzee relaxing in Kibale Forest Park
With lash tropical rain forests and diversity of animals, Kibale National Park covering 766sq km is one of the most beautiful and stunning areas in Uganda. The forest has got the largest number of chimpanzees as well as the red colobus monkey and the rare I’Hoesti monkey.

The park has one of the highest diversity and density of primates in Africa totaling to 13 species including the black and white colobus, blue monkey and the grey-cheeked mangabey, red tailed monkey, bush babies and pottos.

This park also hosts over 325 species of birds including the yellow spotted nicator, yellow rumped tinker bird, great blue turaco, little greenbul, green breasted pitta, the African pitta, the crowned eagle and the lack bee-eater.


There are a number of impressive mammals including forest elephants, buffalos, bush pigs, duikers and bats. A keen observer may see some of the reptiles and amphibians as well as a colorful variety of butterflies. There are also over 250 tree species that have been recorded.

  • Chimpanzee Trekking: this is highlight among the activities of the park. The tracking is done in two shifts one in the morning and the other in the afternoon.


  • Birding: Kibale Forest National Park offers guided birding excursions to clients and this usually start as early as 7 am. For those wishing to see more birds can go for a swamp walk outside the park which has a record of 138 bird species.


  • Nature walks: these are guided nature walks offered by the park. They can be done both day and night. The night walk safaris that start at 7:30 PM are meant to search for the nocturnal creatures such as bush babies, tree hyrax, civets among others.

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