Rwenzori National Park

Permanently snow capped Rwenzori Mountain

If you are looking for a lifetime adventure, you don’t have to look any further!! Our own Mt. Rwenzori is exquisite. Reaching an elevation of 5,109m, Rwenzori has been rated by hikers as the most challenging of all African mountains.

The 120km Rwenzori chain is regarded to be the legendary snow-capped Mountains of the Moon, described by Ptolemy in 150 AD. The distinctive glacial peaks are visible for miles around, but the slopes above 1,600m are the preserve of hikers.

A variety of large mammals inhabit the lower slopes but the Rwenzoris are notable more for their majestic scenery and varied vegetation. The trails lead through rain forest rattling with monkeys and birds, then tall bamboo forest, before emerging on the high-altitude moorland zone, a landscape of bizarre giant lobelias, towered over by black rock and white snow, looking for all the world like the set of a science fiction film.

  • Cultural encounters: visit Ruboni Village to meet the Bakonzo – the people that live at the foot hills of the Rwenzori Mountains.  Here you will share stories, enjoy their day activities such as farming, gardening, among others.
  • Birding Rwenzoris: there are 217 bird species recorded here among which are robin, sun birds, barbets among others.
  • Mountain Climbing: here climbers can choose from the different trails such as the Central Circuit, Kilembe trail, among others where they can scale the snow peaks, glacier lakes, beautiful sceneries.

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