Lake Bunyonyi-what activities to do at Lake Bunyonyi

The best activities to do during your visit to Lake Bunyonyi

Lake Bunyonyi

Viewing Lake Bunyonyi from the hill top

Call it the most beautiful place on earth literally the name Bunyonyi means a place with so many little birds. This lake is believed to be the 2nd deepest lake in Africa with depth ranging between 44m to 900m however this lake is just 25km long and 7 km wide with 29 islands found in south western Uganda 418km from Kampala Uganda’s capital city. At Amazing Gorilla Expeditions we do have a range of trips that will bring you to the Switzerland of africa as many call it.

This is a quiet, scenic and unknown place that you should not miss during your visit to Uganda. The landscape in the region is characterized by terraced green hills and beautiful scenery. The lake stands at an average 1985m above sea level with temperatures ranging between 14C to 24C degrees.

A trip to lake Bunyonyi can be combined with a visit to the Uganda Equator and also be your base for your Gorilla trek, Volcano hikes, Golden monkey trip and a good spot for relaxation after any tremendous activities. There is a whole range of accommodation both on the main land and on the islands from luxury to budget.

What activities you should do at Lake Bunyonyi

During your stay at Lake Bunyonyi, there are several activities that you can do here;

Canoeing; here you may either paddle in a dugout canoe around the islands yourself or take a local guide with you.

Enjoying a dug out canoe ride at Lake Bunyonyi
  • Community walks; during the community walks, you can take a self-guided walk around lake Bunyonyi or take a local guide who will show you around the villages for you to get a feel of the locals.
  • Bird watching; Just like its name Bunyonyi meaning a place of so many birds, here you may go on a birding trip around the lake where over 200 species have been recorded. You may opt for both canoeing and on foot trip.

    Bird watching along Bunyonyi lakeside

Swimming; Lake Bunyonyi is free from crocs, hippos and bilharzia however one ought to understand that this is the 2nd deepest lake in Africa with over 44m deep.

An afternoon swim at Lake Bunyonyi
  • Relax; imagine waking up in the morning after a previous day long gorilla trek to the rays of the sun and being encircled by music from the humming birds and insects as they hop on top of the blooming flowers.

    Chilling at Bunyonyi lakeside