Kazinga Channel Boat Cruise-Queen Elizabeth National Park-Uganda

An impressive view of the kazinga Channel View

The Kazinga Channel is found in Queen Elizabeth National Park at the Mweya Peninsula; 32 km long and a natural channel connects two lakes; Lake George to the east and Lake Edward to the west.

Lake George which is smaller is entirely in Uganda with a depth of approximately 2.4 metres and is fed by streams rolling from the high Rwenzori Mountains through The Kazinga Channel and finally draining into Lake Edward which Uganda shares with Congo.

Boat Safari on Kazinga Channel

Boat safari at Kazinga Chennel – Queen Elizabeth National Park


The boat safari on Kazinga Channel is an awesome experience to everyone on an African safari in Uganda – The Pearl of Africa. The channel shore line attracts enormous wildlife, different bird species and lots of reptiles.

Wildlife at the shore of the kazinga Channel in Queen Elizabeth park

This unique 02 hour launch trip along the Kazinga Channel passes through possibly the utmost hippo concentration in Africa and many animals may be seen here drinking and relaxing such as the African elephant, buffalo, crocodiles, hippos, antelopes, colorful birds, among others offering an excellent platform for photography and superb game viewing.

Hippo yawn during the boat safari at Kazinga Channel

Getting to Kazinga Channel

The Kazinga Channel is located at the Mweya Peninsula-Queen Elizabeth National Park 20 km west of Kasese-Mbarara highway which takes approximately 1 hr. by car due to the many animals that one encounters while driving through the channel view track that leads to the peninsula.

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