On your day trip to the Uganda Equator along the Kampala – Masaka highway, you will have the opportunity to see the experiment of the latitudinal and longitudinal forces engaged. Here at the Uganda Equator, a young entrepreneur will demonstrate to you on how water swirls clockwise at the Northern hemisphere, swirls anti-clockwise at the Southern hemisphere and straight down at the imaginary line.

Visiting the Uganda Equator during the day tour

This is a very popular Equator stop-over for those heading to the National Parks in the west such as Lake Mburo National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Lake Bunyonyi and to the Home of the Mountain Gorillas down in the south.

This is the imaginary line dividing the earth into the northern hemisphere and southern hemisphere. For about 40.075 km the equator partly crosses through water and over land in 13 different countries of which 6 are African countries namely Uganda, Kenya, The Democratic Republic of Congo, Congo, Somalia and Gabon. Other countries include; Brazil, Colombia, Sao Tome, Ecuador, Maldives, Indonesia and Kiribati.

It is at this same point on the trip to the equator that you can have one of your foot in the Northern hemisphere and the other foot in the Southern hemisphere, have a great photo moment, buy yourself a T-shirt with words “I crossed the Uganda Equator” and besides buy a certificate showing you crossed the Uganda Equator.

Shopping at the Uganda Equator

There are several shops where you can buy a variety of handmade souvenirs such as fabrics, bungles, t-shirts, masks, antiques, photo frames, paintings and much more at cheap prices. Also there there several coffee shops and clean washrooms to make your day trip more comfortable and enjoyable.