Uganda-home of the tree climbing lions

Ishasha – Queen Elizabeth National Park tree climbing lions

A cub up on a fig tree in Ishasha-Queen Elizabeth National Park

Positioned south of Queen Elizabeth national park, the Ishasha sector is the only place in Uganda where one can enjoy a game safari to watch the renowned tree climbing lions. The Ishasha tree climbing lions are the park’s major highlight for any traveller visiting Queen Elizabeth park in Uganda.

Why do the Ishasha lions climb trees?

Tree climbing lions in Ishasha

The Ishasha lions are not a different species of lions from the Panther Leo but only that they have adopted a behavior of tree climbing. The reason behind this is still a mystery however; it is observed that these Ishasha lions climb the big fig trees;
– To keep away from the tse tse flies that bite them in the tall grass on ground level.
– To enjoy the cool breeze up in the trees running away from the heat on the ground.
– To watch over their prey most especially the Uganda Kob as they graze.

Game Safaris in Ishasha Sector

Female lions in a fig tree-Ishasha-Queen Elizabeth Park

Queen Elizabeth National Park is Uganda’s most visited safari national park due to its diverse ecosystem. This attracts a variety of wildlife, birds and primates not forgetting the superb landscapes. During the game safaris in the plains of Queen Elizabeth National Park, visitor may sight herds of buffalo, elephants, antelopes, lions, leopard, and so much more.
Going south (Ishasha) of Queen Elizabeth Park, visitors may take several hours on game safari looking for the famous Ishasha tree climbing lions. During this safari, you will visit the different fig trees in the area circling around them and looking up to see whether the lions are resting there.

It takes a lot of patience as one has to drive to different tracks that access these fig trees which the lions prefer to climb.

However, the Ishasha tree climbing lions also do climb other tree types like the acacia.

Getting to Ishasha sector-Queen Elizabeth National Park

Ishasha sector is found south of Queen Elizabeth national park and can be accessed through different parks;

-from Mweya peninsular (North-Queen Elizabeth Park) it takes approximately 2.5 hrs to get to Ishasha katokye gate driving on unpaved road.

– From Bwindi Impenetrable National park, Ishasha can be reached in about 2 hrs.

– From Lake Mburo national park, Ishasha can also be reached in approximately 6 hrs

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