Trailing our 6 day Trip – Primates’ safari in Uganda.
Uganda is an exceptional country that is an epitome for an adventure trip to Africa, It has great rivers, high mountains, big lakes, abundance of wildlife, birds and not forgetting the mountain gorillas.

For 6 days on this trip, you are able meet The Great Apes – Chimpanzees and Mountain Gorillas in their natural habitats.

Our 1st day: this is your day of arrival and our representative receives you at the airport. After going through the immigration procedures, brings you to your hotel or guesthouse in Entebbe and briefs you about the trip and the schedule for the next day .

Our 2nd day: start this day with an early breakfast after which with your bags packed and ready you hit the road with your safari driver guide heading due west towards the Mountains of the Moon. The park is located approximately 360 km west of Kampala and takes about 4 – 5 hours. This is a very scenic ride that takes you through towns, villages, forests, down valleys and over hills to finally arrive in time for your lunch break in Fort Portal town – the only town with an English name in Uganda.

Road to Fort Portal town

After the lunch break, you take a 20 minutes drive to visit the Amabere caves and crater lakes. This is an amazing cultural experience that will give you an insight of the Chwezi Dynasty and also enjoy a walk around  the crater lakes with very beautiful sceneries. This walk takes about 2 -3 hours and there is a bit of hiking. After your walk,  proceed south east of Fort Portal driving approximately 32kms on a gravel road (currently this is being upgraded to asphalt) arriving in the early evening at the home of the chimpanzees.

A walk around the Crater lakes – Fort Portal

Our 3rd day: this is the day for chimpanzee tracking in Kibale Forest National Park. The chimp walk activity can be done in two categories; Chimpanzee Tracking and Chimpanzee Habituation Experience (CHEX).

Chimpanzee Tracking activity is a primate walk that starts at the Kanyanchu Park offices and it lasts on average 4 hours. On this walk, look out for other primate species in the park because there are thirteen different species including Chimpanzee.

Home of the Chimps – Kibale Forest National Park

Chimpanzee Habituation Experience (CHEX) on the other hand is a full day excursion that starts as early as 6:00AM. Here, the visitor will spend the entire day with the chimpanzee that are undergoing habituation getting the chance to see them leaving their nests, feeding, hunting, grooming, resting, and patrolling their territories till the time when they make their new nests for the night.

After the chimpanzee walk experience, you will head back to your lodge, have a lunch break, rest a bit and in the afternoon you may take a swamp walk in the Bigodi Wetlands Sanctuary. Here you are likely to sight some of the eight primates found here such as the black and White Colobus monkey, vervet monkey, baboon among others . Also there are over 200 species of birds, reptiles, shrubs and a large variety of trees and vines. The walk takes between 2 to 3 hours and is a private excursion.

Nature walk in the Bigodi Wetlands Sanctuary



• Long-sleeved shirts and trousers
• Long socks
• Light weight hiking boots.
• Gaiters


• Drinking water
• Insect repellent
• Sun screen
• Hat
• Protective gloves
• Camera
• Spare batteries and memory cards
• Water proof backpack
• Extra clothes just in case it rains during the walk then you can change at the end of the activity

Our 4th day: this is another driving day  going to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park the home of mountain gorillas. The drive is both asphalt and gravel taking you through several villages and towns with lots of road side activities such as retail shops, metal works, carpentry works, motor bike (boda boda) stations, auto garages, cattle farms, cows, chicken and so much more. You will have a lunch picnic on the way. The drive is approximately 6 hours before reaching The Home of the Mountain Gorillas.

Driving to Bwindi Forest Gorilla National Park

Our 5th day: the day of the Mountain Gorillas! Start the day with an early morning breakfast and together with your packed lunches and Gorilla trekking gear, report to the UWA park headquarters at Bwindi for registration and pre-briefing before you start the Great Trip to the Mountain Gorillas. (Remember to have your passport to enable your registration).

Baby Gorilla in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park



• Long-sleeved shirts and trousers – to protect you from bites and thorns in the jungle.
• Light weight hiking boots – to give you enough grips on the rocky ground.
• Long socks – for you to tuck your pant legs.
• Gaiters – protect you from ants, mud and thorns.


• Drinking water – once the trek starts you don’t have access to safe drinking water.
• Lunch box – you never know how long the trek will take.
• Insect repellent – it’s a jungle, protection from insect and bug bites.
• Sun screen – at times the walk starts or begins in the communities.
• Hat – to protect from the sun when walking on open trails.
• Gardening gloves – at times you hold onto thorny branches.
• Camera – to capture that special moment with the gorillas.
• Spare batteries and memory cards – you don’t want to miss out when your battery runs out.
• Water proof backpack – in case of rain, your equipment is protected.
• Walking stick – an extra foot during your hike in this rugged terrain.
• Extra clothes – just in case you get soaked during the walk then you can change at the end of the venture.

Why hire a Porter?

Porters are young and energetic boys and girls from the communities neighboring the park. These support stuff are there not only to carry your backpack but also give you a push and a pull during those moments when the going gets tough, it’s highly advisable to take one. They are paid $20 or the equivalent in shillings. ($1 = shs.3300) besides, you will be helping them to benefit from tourism and this will make your gorilla trip far much more satisfying.

Take a walking stick.

A walking stick is very handy in a way that it gives that extra foot that will make you more steady and gives you more balance on this coarse terrain. You can get yourself one for free at the starting point of your walk ( ask your lead ranger guide to arrange you one). Some lodges do hire these walking stick well as other do give you for free but remember to return them after the gorilla trek.


After having followed the trail to where the gorillas were last sighted, then to that trail of broken branches and droppings before finally finding the gentle giants. Your lead ranger guide will prepare you to meet the gorillas a few meters away from them by leaving behind all the walking sticks, having a sip of water that will take you for 1 hour, getting your camera ready among others. Here you will spend one magical hour with the gorillas. To many, this hour with the gentle giants is special, unforgettable, and a memorable experience to be long savored.

Our 6th day: this is our last day of the 6 days’ primates’ trip in Uganda. We check out of the home base of the mountain gorillas heading back to Entebbe international Airport with en-route stopovers for lunch in Mbarara and at the Equator where you can buy souvenirs and also take a photo moment at this popular spot. The last part of the drive here will bring you direct to the airport for your onward departure. Our drive today is approximately 9 hours on mostly surfaced roads.

Happy school kids waving bye – bye muzungu


  • Gorilla trip to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park
  • Chimpanzee tracking in Kibale Forest National park
  • Bigodi Wetlands Sanctuary nature walk
  • Visiting the Uganda Equator

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